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Different Types Of Marketing

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

When companies want to communicate with their target market, they have several options. They can choose direct marketing, promotional marketing, or sales marketing. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Direct marketing is most effective when used to generate new business leads. However, this method can alienate current customers if companies misuse it. In general, marketers must understand the various techniques of marketing and which one best fits their needs.

Direct marketing uses mail, phone, internet, and other platforms for marketing a company's products or services. This method is best for reaching new customers as it bypasses the sales process. Companies write directly to their target market with advertisements, sales brochures, or direct email correspondence. Essentially, this marketing attracts new customers now with a business plan. Once a company has attracted a new customer, it can quickly sell to that person via direct marketing.

Promotional marketing allows companies to provide free samples or discounts to attract new customers. This method helps build brand loyalty among current customers. Many companies use promotional marketing to reward loyal customers with lower prices or free bonuses with purchases. Others use promotional marketing to create competition among brands by offering rebates or exclusive items to existing customers. Essentially, this method helps companies retain their current customer base and build new ones simultaneously.

Sales marketing is how companies convert customers into customers by charging reasonable prices for their goods. Most businesses use this method to cover costs and profit from each sale. Sales marketing includes advertising sales and contacting customers directly with quotations or sales proposals. Sales organizations plan and carry out sales-based campaigns to increase sales volume. When promoting sales, marketers should emphasize relevant product information that will encourage potential buyers to purchase.

Marketing is an integral part of running a successful business enterprise.

Each type of marketing has its advantages and disadvantages, so businesses should carefully consider which one best suits their needs before committing resources. For example, direct marketing is most effective when used to generate new business leads- but can alienate current customers if misused. Brand managers should study the different methods of marketing so they can create effective campaigns for their company's products or services.

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